Payments of our bill

As notified with our statements we can be paid by credit or debit card, by phone or in the office or by standing order or cheque.

Tax Returns

A number of clients have received letters from the Inland Revenue Compliance office. It advises that the Tax Return is a legal document and that something in the return has brought it to their attention. This letter is an initial enquiry so that if there is a mistake the tax-payer can re-submit the tax return or otherwise explain if there is an item that may be different to that from the last year. If Inland Revenue is not satisfied this may lead to an investigation. Please do not ignore these letters but contact us straight away. See also the insurance item above.

Tax Returns when submitted can be in hard copy to the end of October otherwise or at any time will be sent as electronic submission. The last day for electronic submission is 31st January. Late payments attract interest and surcharges and penalties If the payments to HMRC

Professional Insurance Fees

Should you be the recipient of a visit from VAT, IR for PAYE or DHS for NHI or have a full investigation into your accounts or tax return you may find having this insurance useful and reassuring.

The insurance covers all professional fees incurred to resolve or settle the investigation whether it is us, other professionals or specialists. The insurance also includes access to other business services.

Sole Trader or Partnership Matters

End of year accounts, we need as soon as you are able after your year end accounting records for your next tax return. The Inland Revenue are giving less time to those who are late and charging penalties on a daily basis. These are at £10 per day and can be higher, up to £1200.

Limited Company Matters

We offer a full Company Secretarial service from formation to strike off.

This includes the annual filing of accounts and annual return to Companies House and related matters. We also offer the facility of other company secretarial services including completion of dividend vouchers, minutes, share transfers and other relevant items. This service, in view of recent Inland Revenue enquiries, has proved beneficial. If you require this service please contact us.

Letterhead, recently a small number of clients have received a letter from Companies House advising that their letterhead is incorrect, usually due to registered office, registration number or directors not being shown. They usually give 7 days or similar notice to change it or face proceedings. Please contact us if you need help.